Elite Series Gold Thermal Tape

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If you are unsure whether this part is suitable for your vehicle, please get in touch through our Your Project page, supplying your Make, Model and Reg or VIN, plus details of your project.

The Elite Series High-Temperature-Reflecting Tape is an inexpensive way to reduce heat soak in high-temperature environments.

Attach this tape to whatever you want to keep cool! If you have a turbo or supercharger, this is a definite must-have product!

Goldilocks Automotive Elite Series thermal products are designed to protect your car’s systems such as the engine air intake, radiators, fuel lines, intercoolers, battery housing, and electronic wiring harnesses from radiant engine heat.

This gold-coloured tape provides shielding in high temperature processing and reflects approximately 85% radiant heat, up to 540C; your typical engine bay heats up to around 150C.

We did our product testing in-house to ensure that you are getting the best possible product for your application. We have chosen a group of materials that is head-and-shoulders above the competition.



Using advanced laminating techniques, we have create a tri-layer gold heat wrap to insulate your car parts:

Starting with the V3 Polyimide Layer (The gold colour), this acts exactly as 24k gold sheets you see in the aerospace industry, without the enormous expense associated with it. The high index of reflexion ensures that 85% of the radiant heat is reflected. Beware of competitors that use mylar (the material from shiny balloons) as their top layer. 

Next we have a thick aluminum layer bonded to the V3 Polyimide. This aluminum layers acts as a heatsink to disperse any absorbed heat along the length of the tape. Very few other gold heat wrap on the market have this middle layer. 

Finally, we have a tightly-woven fibreglass layer. As the aluminum layers heats up, it transfer the remaining heat to the glass weave. Since glass is an excellent insulator, the heat passes extremely slowly through it, allowing you to drive harder, longer. You can see the difference in quality based on how tight the weave is on our tape versus the loose or uneven weaves of our competitors.


Tape Dimensions

5cm wide x 5 metres long

Box comes with Installation instructions

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