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Standard camshaft profiles are designed by OEM engine designers to give good torque output at low engine rpm's, a smooth idle and the best possible fuel economy.  
All these features make a nice driveable car but if performance is your primary concern these are far from ideal.  
Camshafts have two features. Lift, the distance the valve is lifted from it's seat and duration, how long the valve is open. By juggling with these two features a camshaft designer can make an engine tame enough for your Granny to drive, or so wild that it won't idle, has no power below 10,000rpm and would fail every emissions test on the planet. 
Good camshaft design only comes with knowledge of the performance requirements for a wide range of engine applications. TSR has that knowledge and over the years has developed a range of camshafts able to get the best from road or race engines, cat or non-cat equipped cars. Where appropriate we will also recommend the products of other recognised experts in camshaft design.  
Duration Timing 
Note: Crank rotates 720º to camshaft 360º 
Vernier camshaft pulleys allow for fine adjustment of camshaft drive position and timing, they are really worthwhile if the setup can be done on a rolling road. Engines with two camshafts are best with adjustable drive positioning on both camshafts. 
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