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1.8T Conversions 
We have carried out many of these popular engine conversions over the past few years,  
starting out using the original engine management then progressing to Motec and Emerald ECU systems which, when combined with larger turbos, can take some engines to 350bhp. All our 1.8T conversions use the 02A cable gearbox which is much stronger than the original box fitted in Golf 1 GTis and Golf 2 GTis.  
Our base 1.8T conversion includes a standard 1.8T engine, 02A gearbox, Sachs power clutch kit, solid flywheel, TSR conversion intercooler, custom made 2½"-3" exhaust system, custom made polished turbo pipe and mapable aftermarket management and wiring loom.  
TSR can fit the 1.8t engine to almost anything you can imagine cars we have fitted them to include mk1 golf, mk2 golf, Caddy, Polo, Ibiza, Fabia and many more.  
polo 1.8t engine conversion
VW Polo 6N 1.8t conversion with GT2871R 
Prices start from £4750  
Our most popular conversion is the 1.8t BAM 225bhp engines which leave TSR running a minimum of 265bhp these also have the feature to switch from high and low power maps at the touch of a button. 
Prices from £6000 
16V Conversion into Golf 1 GTI 
This popular conversion is great for giving an ageing GTI a new lease of life whether it be used on the road or for track days. Our conversion can be carried out with a second hand 1.8 or 2.0 litre engine or a 16 vengine from our range can be fitted.  
The conversion prices includes a second hand 1.8 16V engine, gearbox, wiring loom, Cabrio 100mm drive shafts, Sachs power clutch, new engine mounts with uprated gearbox mount, Ashley conversion exhaust manifold and Jetex exhaust system.  
Non GTI cars will require at extra cost fuel tank and pump.  
16v golf VW engine
VR6 Conversion 
This conversion is returning as a popular choice for many customers. The superb power delivery and purposeful sound of the VR6 has always been an attraction of this great engine.  
We can supply this conversion for many models including Golf 1, Golf 2, Golf 3 and Corrado.  
Before fitment of a second hand engine we would strongly recommend a cylinder head removal to check for cylinder bore wear which normally occurs in engines that have done more than 120,000 miles. If excessive bore wear is present, a full engine rebuild will be needed. 
R32 3.2 24v conversion 
The 3.2 24v engine is a powerful unit producing 240-250 bhp in standard form. We have fitted these engines to the MK2 Golf and to our very own PVW featured Seat Ibiza. These units are fitted using the standard engine management system and immobilizer defeat software. Most noted for there silky smooth power delivery and beautiful sound these are a great option to freshen up any engine bay.  
ibiza r32
G60 Conversions 
we are able to install G60 engines into most models, however this conversion is dependent on availability of donor engines. 
Hydraulic to Cable Clutch Conversion 
When a VR6 or 1.8T conversion is fitted to a Golf 1 or Golf 2 it us usually necessary to convert the pedal box to suit the master cylinder of the 02A cable change gearbox.  
This kit converts the clutch to cable operation so the original pedal box can be retained. 
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