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VAG 1.8T Turbo upgrades and turbo kits 
TSR 1.8T turbo upgrades stock location 
......The first stage in the world of turbocharger upgrades is a hybrid replacement turbo. These are designed to be fitted to the standard location and can be fitted without the need to change any other hardware components, this saves the large costs of manifold changes and also allows the use of already upgraded components such as high flow downpipes. TSR offer both a hybrid k03 turbo and a hybrid k04 turbo depending on which is fitted to your vehicle. 
The TSR K03 hybrid 
This turbo when fitted with other modifications, 
Turbo back exhaust system 
High flow air filter 
Front mount intercooler kit 
Larger injectors 
3" MAF housing 
Ecu remap 
Is capable of giving a reliable 260-290bhp. 
The TSR K04 hybrid 
This turbo is a direct fit to all of the 210/225bhp 1.8t engines. When fitted in conjunction with a remap power around 300bhp can be achieved. 
TSR Garrett Turbo kits for 1.8T 
TSR 350 Kit 
This kit utilizes the ultra reliable garrett GT28 base turbo which is then modified to our own exacting specification the end product is a custom hybrid GT2971R unit. This turbo gives a nice early spool up and holds boost high up the rev range. The turbo is bolted to our own TSR stainless steel tubular manifold which has gone through a long and rigorous test process to get optimum primary length and collecter efficiency. This kit along with TSR custom software will make 350bhp. 
The base kit includes,  
TSR Garrett GT29 hybrid turbo 
TSR stainless steel tubular manifold 
TSR 3" downpipe 
TSR custom boost hoses 
TSR custom intake pipework 
Braided oil and water feed and return lines  
This kit is designed to fit the 210/225bhp engines (however they can be altered to fit any 1.8T engine  
vehicle please call for details). 
Performance software is also required for this upgrade. 
Cost £3600 
1.8 turbo garrett turbo kit
1.8 turbo garrett turbo kit
1.8 turbo garrett turbo kit
1.8 turbo garrett turbo kit
1.8 turbo garrett turbo kit
Additional hardware required 
High flow fuel injectors 
High flow fuel pump 
4 bar pressure regulator 
Front mount intercooler kit 
High flow sport cats 
Sport exhaust system 
Optional hardware upgrades 
Wossner low compression forged pistons 
TSR/Wossner H beam con rod set 
ARP headstud kit 
Vibratechnics engine mounts 
Uprated clutch kit 
TSR Intercoolers 
Specially designed by TSR, these intercoolers can be front mounted into Golf 1, Golf 2 and Golf 3 making them ideal for 1.8T conversions. They are complete with location lugs to fit into the front subframe and have angled inlet and outlet pipes to clear the battery and other obstructions. 
Turbosmart’s success on drag, circuit and rally tracks has benefited its street-tuning range of products. The lessons learnt while designing and manufacturing parts to handle extreme horsepower, torque and speed requirements have translated to street technology that is not only functional and reliable but also extremely durable and versatile. 
It’s this technology, together with the total commitment to quality and performance, that sets Turbosmart apart from other brands. 
TSR Performance supply a full range of of these high quality kits. Contact us for more information > 
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