Quaife ATB Differential For Golf GT TDi (Ref:60174)

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QDF16R (Ref:60174)

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The Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) helical gear limited slip differential is designed to prevent the complete loss of drive that occurs with a conventional ‘open’ differential when one wheel spins. Whilst requiring some torque in the slipping wheel to function, the Quaife ATB is progressive in action but never locks – controlled power is transmitted to all the driving wheels.

Ideally suited to high powered front wheel drive cars, Quaife ATB differentials also benefit rear and four wheel drive vehicles where optimum traction is required.

A direct replacement for a factory ‘open’ differential, no special oils are required and the standard transmission lubrication can be retained. Lubrication services should be observed at factory intervals or more frequently for Quaife ATB units subjected to motorsport use.