Superpro SPF4175K Control Arm Lower Front Bush Kit

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Superpro  SPF4175K Control Arm Lower Front Bush Kit

Fitting = Front
Drive Type = Front Wheel Drive

This Part Fits:
A3 MK3 8V1
A3 MK3 8V1 S3
A3 MK3 8V7
A3 MK3 8V7 S3
A3 MK3 8VA
A3 MK3 8VA S3
A3 MK3 8VS
A3 MK3 8VS S3
Golf MK7
Golf MK7 GTD
Golf MK7 GTI
Golf MK7 GTI Clubsport
Golf MK7 GTI Clubsport S
Golf MK7 GTI Performance Pack
Golf MK7 MultiFuel
Golf MK7 R
Golf MK7 R 360S
Leon MK3
Leon MK3 Cupra
Leon MK3 TGI
Octavia MK3
Octavia MK3 vRS