Superpro VAG-MK52WD-KIT Handling Package

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Superpro VAG-MK52WD-KIT Handling Package 


This kit is designed to offer a tighter, more communicative and involving driving experience without compromising ride quality and noise levels. This package of components can be used in conjunction with your car's standard springs and dampers or will be an excellent complement to an upgrade or conversion. Kit includes: 24mm Front and 22mm Rear 2-Position Blade Adjustable Anti-Roll Bars, Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Links (front and rear), Lightweight Alloy Control Arm Kits (with caster increase and anti-lift), Roll Center Adjusting Ball Joints (for camber and roll centre adjustment), and, Rear Control Arm and Trailing Arm Bush kit. Specifically: 1 x RC0005FZ-24, 1 x RC0005RZ-22, 1x TRC12265 and 1 x TRC1045L, 1 x ALOY0001K, 1 x TRC0003, 1 x KIT5239RK
Fitting = Front and Rear
Drive Type = Front Wheel Drive

This Part Fits:
Golf MK5
Golf MK5 GTI
Golf MK5 GTI Edition 30
Golf MK5 SDi
Golf MK6
Golf MK6 GTI
Golf MK6 GTI Edition 35
Leon MK2
Leon MK2 Cupra
Leon MK2 Cupra R
Leon MK2 FR
Octavia MK2
Octavia MK2 vRS
Superb 3T4
Superb 3T5