Revo Dealer


TSR Performance are the South West's leading Revo software and Hardware dealer.
Most Revo Software Applications take around 1 hour and can be carried out while you wait with no intrusive opening of ecu's required.
TSR are authorised dealers for the full Revo range of products to suit not only the VAG group but also Ford vehicle.
Revo are the market leader carrying out many hours of research and development on there products to ensure perfect performance for the end user.
All vehicles are data logged to ensure they are working correctly by one of our trained technicians , we have many tools at our disposal for data acquisition including our 4 wheel drive Dyno.
We can offer tuning packages from stage 1 all the way up to stage 5 (for certain models) and also offer software for transmissions in the DSG cars.
Check below to see what Revo can offer for your vehicle and in our online shop for hardware orders.