AEM 30-3300 Water methanol injection kit for turbo charged engines

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If you are unsure whether this part is suitable for your vehicle, please get in touch through our Your Project page, supplying your Make, Model and Reg or VIN, plus details of your project.

The AEM water methanol kit is designed to decrease charge temps on turbocharged engines and in turn increase the engines performance. The benefits seen can be great and can also improve the safety of the engine by reducing knock (detonation) and lowering exhaust gas temperatures. In our big turbo builds we regularly see around a 10% increase in bhp with no mapping changes. If tuned to rely on meth much more can be gained , this method is not advisable unless the car is a pure race car that is logged and monitored closely.

If installing on the vaccum side especially, IE after the throttle body then we recommend using the solenoid available as a separate product in our shop.

We have proven these kits as reliable with great gains on our own race and track cars.

We can also offer full installation from our workshop , contact us for details on this.