DQ250 Gen2 2009-2013 Software

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The first DSG transmission, the DQ250 (02E), is introduced in a series-production car during the launch of the Golf Mk4 R32 back in 2003. During the design Volkswagen AG combined the advantages of manual and automatic transmissions into one completely new gearbox generation: the direct shift gearbox (DSG). It has been especially designed for VAG vehicles with an engine torque up to 350-380 Nm like the sportier versions of the Golf (GTI and R models).

TVS Drivability & Life extender software is a recommendable upgrade for almost all VAG DSG transmissions. These days shifting strategies are mainly focused on lowering emissions and fuel consumption which has often an adverse effect on the drivability, durability and reliability of your DSG gearbox. In addition there are a lot of known DSG drivability and durability issues from factory which could be solved with TVS Drivability & Life extender software!

TVS DSG Stage I software is a low budget solution which only includes raising necessary torque limiters and is especially suitable for really mild tuned vehicles. For most tuned vehicles additional software modifications are needed to achieve sufficient clutch pressures and/or unlock the vehicles full potential!

TVS DSG Stage II software is the first real step into increasing your gearbox performance! It consists of various necessary software modifications for tuned vehicles improving your vehicle’s performance during launching, acceleration and up- and downshifting! This tune mainly focuses on performance, drivability & life-extender features are NOT included!

TVS DSG Stage II+ software is the best priced all-in-one package for your DSG transmission! It does include all drivability & life extender features, necessary performance modifications for tuned vehicles and additional options as well!

TVS DSG Stage III software is characterized as the strongest DSG software available on the market and especially suitable for high performance applications. Due to unique software modifications extremely high clutch pressures are achieved resulting in unprecedented high stock clutch torque capacities! In addition perfect drivability, durability and reliability will still maintain.

TVS DSG Stage IV are custom made software solutions for TVS or aftermarket DSG (race) hardware like upgrade race clutches and gearbox conversions. This Stage will include all Stage III features along with custom unique features as racing clutch calibrations, custom gearset calibrations, unique racing features and conversion solutions. We always recommend the use of TVS DSG performance hardware, so TVS can assure accurate characteristic calibrations resulting in perfectly matching hardware and software!