Racingline VWR120000 Filter Cleaning Kit - 400ml Oil, 500ml Cleaner

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Racingline VWR120000 Filter Cleaning Kit - 400ml Oil, 500ml Cleaner

The filter element is at the heart of your RacingLine intake. And, as with all specialised parts developed for high performance and motorsport use, the filter element must be a part of your regular maintenance schedule.  Our Oil and Cleaner Kit will help you keep your filter in peak condition at all times and ensure that the complex triple-layer foam continues to deliver its power and filtration benefits for many years.  

It’s a simple procedure. The filter element requires cleaning and re-oiling every 10,000 miles/16,000 km, and inspection at least every 12 months. If your car is regularly used in a dusty environment, we advise that you clean and re-oil your filter more regularly.  It’s important that only this RacingLine Oil and Cleaner Kit are used, as they've been specially formulated to work with our foam air filter material.  

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