Supertech 2.0 TFSI Upgraded spring and titanium retainer kit SPRK-A2416

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If you are unsure whether this part is suitable for your vehicle, please get in touch through our Your Project page, supplying your Make, Model and Reg or VIN, plus details of your project.


Supertech Performance upgraded valve spring kit and Titanium retainers. Ideal for use on high powered engines producing high revs and quick changes in engine speed. We use these kits in all our track cars and big turbo builds on the TFSI engine. Couple this with our Supertech valves for the ultimate head upgrade.

This kit is a compete set to cover all 16 valves for inlet and exhaust.


Found in vehicles such as 

8P S3

Leon Cupra 1P

Golf mk5 gti and ED30

Golf ED35

Golf 6 GTI

Golf 7R

Golf 7 GTI

Audi S3 8V


Engine codes include

CDL , BWA , AXX , CJXC and many more if unsure please ask.