TSR/Omega Piston Set EA113 - 83.00mm

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If you are unsure whether this part is suitable for your vehicle, please get in touch through our Your Project page, supplying your Make, Model and Reg or VIN, plus details of your project.

We at TSR Performance have developed what we believe to be, the next generation in the VW/Audi/Seat range of Forged pistons. 

Working in conjunction with Omega Pistons, all critical areas were considered and evaluated to produce a fully optimised piston, from a specific forging tool allowing us to have what we believe to be an unrivalled product in terms of quality which shines through in extra performance. 

The piston kit is anticipated for use in high output engines, it is also suitable for those who simply wish to build with the best components, even if they aren't pushing the upper boundaries in terms of engine power. 

Bore Size: 83.00mm

Gudgeon Pin: 21.00mm