Quaife QKE6V 5 speed Sequential gearbox for 02M and 02Q 2wd and 4wd

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Quaife and TSR are proud to announce the arrival of a brand new sequential gearkit fitment for Volkswagen 02M and 02Q gearboxes.

Quaife in partnership with VW specialists TSR Performance developed the QKE6V 5-speed sequential gearkit is a direct replacement for the standard gearbox, and will retain the OE gearbox mounts and drive shaft locations, making installation no different to the original transmission.

QKE6V uses 5 wider than standard gears to convert the stock 6-speed gearbox to a heavy duty solution that is ideal for higher power applications.

Key technical features of QKE6V include:

• Strengthened outer casing with stock mounting positions
• Converts standard gearbox to 5-speed
• Open face dog engagement gears
• Retains OE clutch and drive shafts
• Ultra-fast Quaife sequential gearshift
• Choice of Quaife final drive ratio included
• Optional Quaife ATB differential
• Optional LED digital gear position indicator available

Starter Motor - Across the range of VW/Audi cars there are a number of starter motors which can be used, however a compact body diameter is required when using a cable operated shifter. 

Known part numbers are:

02M911023M (Genuine)

LRS02174 (Lucas aftermarket)


Our most common question is what power can this gearbox handle? Unfortunately this is not a simple answer , firstly Torque is the killer of gearboxes and not power. Secondly you need to consider the torque being transmitted through the transmission , a extreme example is a 4wd car on slick tyres will generate far more transmission loading than a 2wd car on normal road tyres. With all this in mind during the design process we produced our gearset to have the widest gears possible and made them from EN39 Aircraft grade material. We have cars running successfully on circuit with 700 NM of torque and drag cars running over 1000NM. So due to the vast range of uses and variables we don't specify a maximum torque rating.

The QKE6V is now operating all over the world with great success in many race disciplines including circuit , drag racing and rallying. This kit has been used in many high powered race cars including the famous 1000 + bhp Turbo Gockel R30 drag car. many Seat Leon Supercopa mk1 , mk2 and MK3 have taken advantage of the sequential often replacing the potentially troublesome DSG.

Each gearbox is assembled by Quaife engineering or TSR and kits are not sold separately.

For 4WD applications the original transfer box is used.

If supplying your own clutch housing this must be sent to TSR.


For enquiries in Germany please contact,

Turbo Gockel

Christoph Gogulski