TSR/TTV 2.0L TFSI EA113 Clutch and Flywheel Kit

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If you are unsure whether this part is suitable for your vehicle, please get in touch through our Your Project page, supplying your Make, Model and Reg or VIN, plus details of your project.

TSR Performance developed and tested high performance clutch kit to suit 2.0L TFSI EA113 engines using the 02Q 6speed manual gearbox. 

Single disc 230mm clutch, ideal for fast road and track day use.

Suitable for all stage2/stage2+/stage3 cars running a K04 or K04 Hybrid Turbo, circa 450lbft torque, it is only when moving to a "Big Turbo" setup or for serious track use where we would recommend one of our Twin Disc clutch setups. 

Billet Aluminium clutch cover, 5 puck friction disc and one piece steel flywheel all made in the UK.